4 Best Movies Like Tyler Perry's Acrimony (2018)

If you enjoyed Tyler Perry's Acrimony we recommend 4 similar movies: Unforgettable, The Girl on the Train, Closer, Wolf
GenreThriller, Drama
CastRosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Geoff Stults
DirectorDenise Di Novi
Julia moves in with her fiancé, David, but his ex-wife and her own haunting past join forces to rock her quiet suburban existence.
GenreThriller, detective, Drama, crime
CastHaley Bennett, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson
DirectorTate Taylor
A recent divorcée fantasizes about a couple whose house she passes each day on her commuter train ride. Soon, she becomes entangled in a mystery involving not only the couple, but her former husband and his new family.
GenreDrama, melodrama
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CastJulia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman
DirectorMike Nichols
Alice (Natalie Portman), an American stripper who has moved to London, meets Dan (Jude Law) on the street. While looking at him, a taxi hits her. After taking her to the hospital, Dan begins dating Alice. A year later, Dan -- who has written a novel about Alice -- is bored. He flirts with photographer Anna (Julia Roberts). Pretending to be her in a chat room, he leads dermatologist Larry (Clive Owen) to an accidental meeting with Anna. As the years pass, both relationships disintegrate.
GenreHorror, Thriller, Drama, melodrama
CastJack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader
DirectorMike Nichols
Publisher Will Randall becomes a werewolf and has to fight to keep his job.